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TurFnit is a Knitted Fabric, Made in USA, at Our North Carolina Plant. We are SUPERTEX, INC. ( Established in 1982.

TurFnit is Used by the Turfgrass Industry as a Sod Netting. Specifically, Turfnit netting is Installed on the Field After Seeding to Speed up the Harvest Time of Sod and to Help Prevent Soil Erosion. Because of Its Knitted Construction, Turfnit Withstands Wind and Does Not Tent Up Over Weeds.

A Roll of TurFnit Netting is 14.5' Wide, 21" in Diameter, 4" I.D., 2914' Length, and Weighs Approximately 470 lbs. One Roll of TurFnit Netting Covers Approximately 8 Acres. The Biggest Advantage of TurFnit Netting Over Other Sod Netting Products is That TurFnit Netting Can Be Stretched as Needed From 110' to 170' Wide to Fit Your Field Site Dimensions.

TurFnit Netting Has Been Used Successfully by Sod Growers for Over Thirty Years, Throughout the United States, Canada, and Abroad. There are Several Reasons Why Sod Farmers Prefer TurFnit. Perhaps most Important is the Fact That TurFnit Netting Allows the Harvesting of Turfgrass Earlier, Thereby Permitting a Faster Turnover of Land. In Addition, TurFnit Netting Is Easy to Use and Cost Effective. Labor Costs are Low Because Staking is Only Required On The Outside Perimeters of This Sod Netting and TurFnit Can Be Stretched From 110' to 170' Wide. For Proper Installation, Wooden Stakes Are Used to Secure the TurFnit Netting Every 3' or 4'. Wooden Stakes Are Available With Us For Purchase When You Place Your Order For TurFnit.

Finally, Many Sod Producers Use Our Famous "Mesh Truck Covers", (, to Cover the Loads of Sod During Delivery in Order to Prevent Spillage, to Provide Shade, and to Cut Down on Wind, as Well as Provide a Neat and Professional Appearance. Feel Free to Contact Us at:
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